Taxi Tokens

A Taxi Token Program was developed to provide transit options to those with financial difficulties (on a trial subsidized taxi system). Taxis in Camrose typically cost about $8 a ride. The taxi tokens give the rider a $4 discount on the taxi fare and therefore make the cost similar to what bus fares are in other cities. The Vision Credit Union provides the service of redeeming the tokens from the taxi drivers and paying cash for them from a City account.
Tokens are provided to various social agencies who then distribute them to the people they serve. There are currently 25 agencies handing out tokens and there are more agencies showing interest. Even though this system does not cater to everyone, a bus system misses many people as well since it only follows certain routes and runs at certain times. The City feels that the token system gives people in need more personal convenience and more options than a bus system could.

Since taxi drivers are not obligated to accept the tokens, the system still has some problems. Currently Armand’s and Rose City accept tokens but Lakeside does not. There does not seem to be a way to eliminate all the problems, but the City feels the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. Everyone hopes as time goes by these problems can be worked out. 

Taxi tokens may be available at the following organizations within the city:  
  • AISH
  • Bethany Group
  • CAFCL – Camrose Association for Community Living
  • CDSS – Camrose and District Support Services
  • CMHA – Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Camrose Public Library
  • Child and Family Services
  • Diagnostic Imaging – Smith Clinic
  • Early Supported Stroke Discharge
  • Home Care – AHS
  • Learning together Program – Chester Ronning School
  • McMann Outreach Program – FASD
  • Mental Health and Addictions – AHS
  • MSK (Hip and Knee) Clinic – AHS
  • Neighbor Aid and the Food Bank
  • The Open Door (do not hand out tokens to people who walk in requesting them)
  • PACE Outreach School
  • Probation/Correctional Services
  • PCN – Primary Care Network
  • Public Health – AHS
  • Schizophrenia Society of Alberta
  • SOS – Service Options for Seniors
  • Sunrise Village
  • Women’s Health
  • Women’s Shelter