Water Quality

The City of Camrose is committed to the protection of public health and safety. In keeping with this mission, the City of Camrose ensures that the water leaving the Water Treatment Plant and entering residences and businesses not only meets but exceeds the Canadian Drinking Water Standards.

The City of Camrose operates its waterworks system under an existing Approval to Operate, as issued by Alberta Environment. As part of that Approval, the Water Treatment Plant operators conduct over 48 analytical tests on any given day on the lake (or raw) water and/or on the treated drinking water. As well, the City is required to have its water tested independently at least twice per year by a provincially-approved laboratory.

Every month, as part of the City’s Approval to Operate, the City takes a minimum of one bacteriological sample per 1,000 people (or 16 samples per month) from a variety of locations within the City. These sampling locations are chosen to represent a cross section of the distribution system. Samples are analyzed by the Provincial Health Lab with reports submitted to the Local Health Authority and the City of Camrose.

Study Results
The results from all water quality testing are submitted online to Alberta Environment on a daily basis, and are considered public information. Detailed data regarding the water quality testing can be obtained directly from the City Public Works Department by calling 780.672.5513, or on Alberta Environment’s Camrose Waterworks System monitoring website.