When do we Salt & Sand?

Sanding is an ongoing program throughout the winter. When and where we sand depends on the road conditions and the weather. Much like plowing, sanding priorities are based on the use and traffic volume on our streets. 

Under normal conditions, Priority I and Priority II areas are sanded in one eight (8) hour shift. Another day is required to sand Priority III areas.

Priority I

  • Highways 13, 26 and 833
  • 48 Avenue Hill (53 Street - 50 Street)
  • Camrose Drive

Priority II

  • Hills
  • Arterial Roads
  • Collector Roads
  • Curves
  • School Areas

Priority III

  • Intersections with stop and yield signs entering onto arterial or major collectors. Local residential roads are not sanded except under exceptional circumstances.
Public Works is constantly monitoring road conditions with dynamic weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures in mind. Adjustments to the sand and salt mixtures are made as necessary. To request sanding, please call Public Works at 780.672.5513 at any time.