When do we Plow?

Following a heavy snowfall, snow clearing concentrates on plowing snow throughout the City based on the priorities below (wind direction and traffic volumes generally determine which roadways or areas receive highest priorities). Snow is only removed if it is significantly restricting traffic.


Priority I

  • Main Routes: 48 Avenue, Highways 13, 26, 833, and 53 Street/Parkview Drive from 48 Avenue to Camrose Drive
  • Airport (due to the high accident potential at this facility)
  • Downtown Camrose: Generally, snow clearing is initiated approximately 24 hours after a major snowfall (to give businesses time to clear the snow from the sidewalks onto the road). If the snowfall occurs on a weekend, and is not too severe, clearing may be delayed in this area until Tuesday morning.
  • Citizen Reports

Priority II

  • Major Arterial Roads: Snow Clearing on major thoroughfares is generally initiated following the clearing of Priority I areas and if there hasn't been another major snowfall
  • Roads with schools in residential areas

Priority III

  • Residential Roads and Lanes: when the road or lane is at risk of becoming impassable to emergency services and the general public. More snow is allowed to accumulate on Priority III roads and lanes than is allowed to accumulate on higher priority roads, before snow plowing is initiated. Residential roads are plowed before lanes.

Snow plowing operations are initiated according to the Winter Road Maintenance Policy.